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Kabrita USA Gentle by nature

European formula with clean label ingredients

Discover the #1 goat milk formula worldwide now FDA accepted

The ideal infant formula for babies (and parents)

  • Healthy digestion and immunity
  • Essential vitamins and minerals
  • Prebiotics for better digestion
  • Premium fat blend
  • DHA and ARA for vision and brain development

Formula you can trust

Gentle, easy to digest

Our naturally gentle goat milk infant formula helps reduce fussiness and digestive issues, and is easier to digest than cow milk baby formula.

European quality

Our milk comes from grass-fed goats on 100+ family owned farms in the Netherlands, and undergoes 90+ quality checks.

Trusted worldwide

With over 75 years of formula experience, Kabrita is the #1 goat milk formula worldwide, feeding 1.5 million babies daily.

The science behind Kabrita infant formula

Kabrita Goat Milk-Based Infant Formula is clinically proven to support healthy growth for infants from birth to 12 months. It's the only European and goat milk infant formula to meet all FDA nutrition requirements, and meets both FDA and EU strict safety standards.


“Goat milk infant formula has been beloved by parents around the world, and finally parents in the U.S. can feed their babies with a trusted product, based on the highest quality Dutch goat milk that is legally imported to the U.S.”

- Dr Ari Brown, MD, FAAP

Renowned pediatrician and bestselling author of the baby 411 series.

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