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Our commitment to parents

Our commitment to parents

Children’s nutrition needs are unique. Each situation demands a slightly different recipe.

Kabrita's Nourish Blog is dedicated to providing resources to help parents make informed nutrition decisions based on their personal and individual situation. From breastfeeding and supplementing, to solid food and more. Nourish your Intuition.

The World Health Organization suggests that moms breastfeed exclusively until babies reach six months and continue to breastfeed once solid food is introduced at six months, up to the age of two. For many reasons 42% of US moms are not breastfeeding at six months and 64% at 12 months. Though breastfeeding is the first choice for infant nutrition it’s clear that many parents are, and perhaps need to be, turning to other sources of feeding.

The reasons mothers and babies require formula vary greatly. Early return to work, health issues, premature birth or adoption all require different solutions.

Our mission at Kabrita USA is to empower parents to nourish their child with confidence, by offering a new choice in formula feeding, one that marries the ideals of all-natural with the rigor and safety of science, and by our commitment to transparency and supportive communication.

Our Nourish blog is a dedicated resource that explores the many options parents have when making feeding choices, as well as providing expert tips and advice about nutrition-related subjects.

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