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Gentle by Nature
Mom in blue dress holding child
Mom in blue dress holding child

Tummy Troubles

No parent likes to see their little one with uncomfortable symptoms, and not knowing the cause can add to the frustration.

Could Kabrita Goat Milk Formula Be An Option?

As parents make the transition through several gentle formulas they’re still not finding a solution. Could cow milk be the trigger?

Since goat milk proteins form a gentler curd in the tummy and are broken down faster than cow milk protein, goat milk formula may be an alternative for children with troubles associated with cow milk consumption*.

*Not suitable for children with confirmed cow milk protein allergy

Symptoms that may be associated with Cow Milk

gas, diarrhea, constipation


chronic chest congestion

recurrent ear infection


chronic nasal congestion

The Kabrita Difference

The Kabrita Difference is simple: We’ve crafted our formula based on what is best for baby, using the highest quality, European, GMO-free ingredients.

Protein is an important macronutrient for growing children. It’s required for the growth and development of bones, muscles, teeth and hair, as well as the proper functioning of the immune system.

Our formula starts with gentle goat milk, which has been shown to form a small and soft curd in the tummy and appears to digest quicker than cow milk protein. And then, we adapt it with goat milk whey, making it even easier to digest.

Fat is a critical macronutrient for babies. It is essential for the rapid growth phase following birth, to help in the delivery of fat-soluble vitamins (such as A, D, E and K), and to support neurological development and brain function.

We use a premium fat blend with beta palmitate. Gentle beta-palmitate fat blends have been shown to increase bone density, as well as improve nutrient absorption and stool consistency.

Carbohydrates supply valuable energy and are critical for little one’s optimal growth and development.

We choose Lactose, a natural carbohydrate, because it has been shown to support the gut microbiome and calcium absorption.

Kabrita Goat Milk Formula is made in the Netherlands where strict European standards limit the use of antibiotics, growth hormones and pesticides. Kabrita goat milk formula is free from GMOs and heavy metals, and our goats are always treated with loving care.

Kabrita Goat Milk Toddler Formula is an option for feeding transitions, such as weaning or supplementing, or changing formula due to skin or tummy troubles. We hope you’ll join thousands of happy families and claim your Free Sample Offer today!

Making the Switch to Kabrita Goat Milk Formula

Transitions aren't always as smooth as we'd like them to be. While some children take to new foods readily and eagerly, introducing new tastes and textures for others may be more of a challenge. Here's how to make the transition to Kabrita Goat Milk Toddler Formula as easy on your little one's palate as it is on their digestive system.

Make a 5-day plan

1 oz Kabrita
3 oz current
formula or milk

2 oz Kabrita
2 oz current
formula or milk

3 oz Kabrita
1 oz current
formula or milk

3 oz Kabrita
1 oz current
formula or milk

4 oz Kabrita

Transitioning to Kabrita over five days may help ensure that your little one takes to it successfully. You’ll want to combine their current formula or milk with Kabrita– gradually increasing the amount of Kabrita and decreasing the amount of current milk or formula used each day over five days. For 8 ounce bottles, you would simply double the quantities.

If you have questions or need a bit more support while introducing Kabrita, chat with us or email us at We’d love to support you on this feeding transition!

Success Stories

Kabrita parents are telling us that our goat milk-based formula is a solution for their little ones with skin or tummy troubles.

“This has helped my child. My son had eczema after trying other formulas. I choose this product based on his condition.” -Jo-Ann L

“Helped with my daughter’s eczema. [It’s] the only thing she really liked since she was done breastfeeding and had a hard transition to anything else.” -Adrienne

“I started buying this nearly 6 months ago when we were transitioning my daughter from breast milk. Cow’s milk wasn’t easily digested for her, and she developed eczema, a rather unpleasant succession of nastily filled diapers, and extreme fussiness. A friend suggested goat milk formula, and I found Kabrita at our local supermarket. It was just what we needed. It digested well; she loved the taste, and no eczema or nasty diapers!”-Andrea F

“My 9-month-old son loves it. He hardly ever spits up and his eczema flare-ups have greatly decreased.”-Cwtbo

“I was a bit sceptical when I got the product. I had never tried Goats Milk Formula before. I was trying to find something to help with my grandson’s tummy troubles. I was pleasantly surprised at the taste (yes, I tried it myself) and that my grandson really was happy with the taste also! The Goats Milk Formula did the trick for sure! My grandson’s tummy trouble has subsided and he is a much happier 2 year old 🙂 I too am a happy Grandma :)”–Itsjewels

“I ordered the sample pack to try it out. My toddler has had problems with various formulas and hasn’t been able to transition to regular milk due to tolerance levels. I was hesitant to go to straight goats milk yet. So Kabrita was my answer, and what an answer to my problems it is. Kabrita is amazing. There have been no issues for my daughter, no rash of any kind and no tummy trouble. It was a quick transition and my daughter loves it. I can’t believe I didn’t figure this out sooner. She loves it. On a side note, it mixes better than any formula I have ever used. Thanks Kabrita.”–Teacher G

“My sweet baby has been on Kabrita goat milk formula for four months now. I don’t produce enough, so I nurse and supplement with this formula. My baby is especially sensitive to cow dairy, yet has excelled on this product! No tummy troubles, or gas; eczema and mucusy poo from cow dairy aren’t an issue either. She likes the taste enough that beginning to supplement wasn’t an issue at all. I trust this product and will continue to use it as a cow milk alternative even after baby turns one.”–Mrs. B

“I used this formula for my second daughter and wish I knew about it earlier for my first. My younger daughter [has] very bad colic, spit-up, and gas on other brands. My friend recommended this brand and my daughter loved it. All issues were resolved and she never refused to drink the milk!”-Mommaof2

“I heard about this product from Facebook, and decided to give it a try. My baby has reacted positively to it. No spit-up, colic, fussiness, or gas. I love this product, and have been using it ever since!”-Kyrin

“This formula helped my daughter gain weight, stopped her acid reflux, and her vomiting ceased!!! It’s been a lifesaver for her and I couldn’t be happier!”–Tina

“I bought this for my son and he doesn’t have any reflux or digestion issues! Very gentle on his system—we love it!”–Julie B

“Our son’s Doctor put him on Kabrita when he was 9 months old after months and months of trying to find something that he could tolerate. His reflux was improved dramatically and ultimately he no longer needed medication. We use Kabrita to supplement due to low milk supply. The taste is sweet and mild (Yep, I tasted it.) Our son has no problem going back and forth from Kabrita and breast milk. He is no longer gassy and fussy. I am so thankful we tried this formula. I also love that I have piece of mind that it is GMO free!”–Heidi R

“My 9 month old had no gas issues while on this formula. It had a sweet smell and she has no issues drinking it.”–Ashley R

“I bought this a few weeks ago before he turned one. I have been only breastfeeding him until I noticed he seemed like he wasn’t completely full one day. Made two ounces and he fell right to sleep. We use it mostly at night, but he hasn’t had gas or constipation at all—unlike other formula’s his brother used. Overall, if his tummy likes it, and it doesn’t make him sick, it’s great!”–Elizabeth M

“My son has a sensitive stomach and has trouble digesting cows milk; it causes him pain and gas. We switched to Kabrita formula and he has had no problem with digestion and he loves the taste! It’s a win-win for him and me! I don’t have to worry if he is missing any nutrients and meal times are hassle free! I would strongly recommend the Goat Milk Formula and the Kabrita Yogurt too (the banana vanilla bean is his favourite!) 5 stars and two thumbs up!”–Millie22“After 5 formulas, and my son still aspirating after every bottle, and arguing with doctor after doctor, I wanted to give up. My little babe was uncomfortable, gassy, had digestive issues, sleep issues and [was] not thriving. I knew he had some food sensitivities and was at a loss. One day a chiropractor recommended Kabrita Goat Milk. We tried this as one last resort before going to see a gastro physician. Night one: spit up but no gas or bloating, and within a week dry skin and no aspiration! I remember breaking down and crying and being mad at myself for not trying this sooner. My son is almost 2 and still uses this daily and is finally gaining weight and is a happy and healthy boy! This product has truly changed our lives and I couldn’t be more grateful!”–Brandy B

“I decided to try this on my one-year-old who seems to have constant constipation. Worked well to ease his tummy and he found it to be delicious! I loved that it was healthy and was not soy based.”–Jen J

“I bought this formula to try and it works great! It’s easy on my daughter’s sensitive tummy. She has been diagnosed with constipation and I had hoped it would help with that without her medicine but it didn’t. She does not eat enough healthy foods and drink enough water as much as I try to get her to. Sometimes medicine is a necessity and the foods they eat won’t fix it. Thankfully, I have found something that is gentle as well as nutritious for my toddler. Thank you Kabrita!”–Kristal R

“Baby does real well with it, no constipation. And she loves it!”–Edna G

“My son loves the Goat Milk Formula and the Goat Milk Yogurts. This was such a great free trial to try out. I bought the 28 oz. tin after he finished the free trial. I was looking for a milk alternative because my son was badly constipated with the regular cow milk. I’m always about trying to find the best foods for my son because I just want the best for him. I’ve always heard and done research about how much more nutritious goat milk is than cow milk, and how goat milk is much gentler on the stomach, which it is. I definitely recommend this to parents looking for a nutritious and gentle milk alternative for their children.”–Macy S

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