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Gentle by nature

Why Maryam and her family are ‘Proud To Be’ part of the BIPOC Community

Maryam's Family

As a community-focused company, we at Kabrita USA are committed to inclusivity and celebrating diversity. The Proud to Be campaign centers families who are proud members of the BIPOC community and highlights important narratives celebrated by Black, Indigenous, and People of Color’s history. This series features authentic videos from families who focus on the joy and pride they experience in being a part of the BIPOC community. It is clear that love, joy and respect are woven into their shared experience!

What does being part of the BIPOC Community mean to you?

[All] the other people in our community are part of our village. And we lean on each other when we need each other. We lean on each other in times of celebration, and in times of sorrow, in times of need. We are so different, but all of our differences unite us. And one of the most beautiful things about our community is that within our village, there’s so many things we can learn from each other, take away from each other. I can lean on people within my community for strength, no matter how similar or different that they are.

What makes you proud or brings you joy about being a family that’s part of the BIPOC Community?

I enjoy coming around other BIPOC families and learning their specific traditions. That’s what I really enjoy.

I think too like coming together with other families that are breaking generations of cycles that have been harmful to our families and our communities. And now, our generation is saying we make the choice as we’re raising our families to do different and to do better.

What is an important moment in BIPOC history that you think should be taught in schools that is not taught in schools?

I think that it’s not just the moment. It’s a lens. I think that we have to shift our lens so that we really start thinking about BIPOC history as something that is full of celebration and success and not just being taught from and angle of oppression and struggle. But how do we really shift our lens to understand that there are so many movements within our history that are not just about struggle and poverty and oppression and slavery. But how to we uplift our communities by celebrating the success that we’ve had for generations and for centuries?

For all families watching, what is your message to them?

Be unapologetically you. So many times, we try to fit into other people’s cultures and other people’s lives. And I feel as though, you can be unapologetically you. That’s what makes the world turn.

To view Maryam’s full story, check out the video below:

Thank you to all of the parents who contributed their personal stories to the Proud to Be Series. Sharing your communities' experiences continues to uplift and positively shape BIPOC narratives, and we at Kabrita USA are so proud to be a part of it.