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Kelly's Seamless Transition to Kabrita with her Cow Milk Sensitive Toddler

Kelly's Seamless Transition to Kabrita with her Cow Milk Sensitive Toddler

Every parent’s feeding experience is as unique as their baby. While the journey may be easy for some, others may struggle. Real Parent Story is a series on our blog where we ask real parents to share their feeding stories. Whether you’re expecting or already have little one, we hope these stories can offer you insight into what worked (or didn’t work) for parents just like you.

Today we're sharing Kelly's story

After years of struggling with fertility issues, I was so thrilled to be pregnant and have a healthy delivery with our daughter, Isabella. I was determined to breastfeed her as long as I could, but due to my medical conditions this was difficult. We tried different formulas recommended by her pediatrician, and since she has a sensitive stomach, we even tried the ‘sensitive’ and ‘gentle’ formulas. With all of them, Isabella had tummy pain, constipation and diarrhea. She also had terrible eczema, which I didn’t realize at the time could be related to her formula. None of the formulas we tried made a change in these symptoms.

I eventually learned about Kabrita Goat Milk Toddler Formula through a Mom Blogger, and decided to try it despite some hesitation about goat milk formula from my husband and family. I am so glad I did! Isabella loved Kabrita from her first try, and shortly after transitioning her tummy troubles and skin issues started to improve. Now after a few months, her digestion is wonderful with no more constipation or diarrhea, and her eczema has cleared up completely. She also sleeps through the night, has better naps, and is happier in general since her tummy isn’t bothering her. My husband and family are now totally on board!

Our transition from Isabella’s previous formula to Kabrita was seamless – we did a slow transition, but she took to Kabrita very well from the beginning, and now absolutely loves her bottle time. She’s also been loving the Kabrita Goat Milk Yogurt and Fruit pouches lately, and keeping them cold has even helped with teething! I always keep extra formula and yogurt pouches in my diaper bag, as they’ve been a life saver on the road, too!

I am forever grateful to Kabrita for helping my sweet girl feel so much better. We are trying for baby number two now, and will definitely being using Kabrita with the next one when the time comes!

Kabrita USA Real Parent Story Series is for information purposes only. It's not meant to treat, cure, or diagnose any health issues. Before making any feeding changes, it is recommended that you speak with your healthcare professional. Kabrita Goat Milk Toddler Formula is designed to maintain the natural comfort of little ones during feeding transitions, such as weaning, supplementing, or changing formulas due to minor issues associated with cow milk sensitivity*.