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Mom Hacks for Picky Eaters

Mom Hacks for Picky Eaters

Read on to check out these tried and tested easy tips to help your little one get a wider variety of nutritious foods, and develop healthy eating habits!

Hacks shared by Kabrita Community Moms.

“Call dry fruits ‘candy’ and act like they can only have one and give in for extras!”.


“Blending fruit, water and mint leaves, then pouring mixture into Popsicle Molds. Makes teething easier and gets the whole family to eat fruit!!!”.


“My best hack for picky eaters is making smoothies with fruit pouches, goat milk and fresh veggies. I learned as a preschool teacher, before I had my own, to always offer (not force) the different types of food to the children. I do that with my kids too, and eventually they try it and like it”.


“The thing that’s worked for me is to start them off on veggies and always offer veggies and other healthy foods at every meal. Then it just becomes normal and what they are used to”.


“My best hack for picky eaters is to keep trying things over and over! Just offer it often and eventually they begin to eat it!”.


“Let you kids help you prepare for meals— they will be more likely to want to eat it”.


“Best mom hack for picky eaters, especially during toddler years, is to use ice cube trays to serve cut up healthy snacks in one row and dips in the other row. Works like a charm for the grazing toddler. This way we didn’t resort to just carb snacks but kids got a good amount of fruit, veggies and protein. Dips I offered included hummus, guacamole (not spicy), yogurt, tahini sauce, applesauce, or other fruit sauce, etc”.


“My best mom hack is keep a good variety of different foods. One you know they like and new ones. Slowly add some. Don’t make a big deal out of it. Let them see you eating it too. Eventually there will be some curiosity. Since you didn’t make a fuss over the new food it should kinda trick them thinking they are being independent and have a choice. My daughter is one of those picky eaters and eating has always been a battle. This is the only way I can get her to try new foods”.


“Mom hack for our picky eaters is to squirt the yogurt pouches into little drops and freeze for a treat or mixing the pouches into smoothies with veggies!”.


“My mom hack for picky eaters is hiding veggies inside of toddler muffins and pancakes. You can even throw in a little powdered protein, chia and flax seeds! Bake with your favorite muffin recipe in a mini muffin tin and they are perfect for tiny hands to self feed! You can make a double batch and throw the rest in the freezer for a quick grab and go later”.


“When my son doesn’t finish his Kabrita yogurt pouch, I put the leftover in the ice cube tray and freeze it for tomorrow for him and me to snack on”.


We’d love to hear from you too! Share your best hacks for picky eating with our Kabrita Community today!