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Kabrita Mom Story: Amanda Uses Kabrita For Her Son's Cow Milk Sensitivity

Kabrita Mom Story: Amanda Uses Kabrita For Her Son's Cow Milk Sensitivity

Why did your family need goat milk formula?

After a couple of weeks of attempting to breastfeed Everett, I decided to pump because he fed better from a bottle exclusively. In a few months, he started to show signs of an 'allergy' to something in my milk, so the pediatrician suggested cutting dairy out of my diet first. After a few weeks, his symptoms cleared up, and I continued to bottle feed expressed milk. My supply fluctuated a lot, and so I started researching formulas in case I needed to supplement. I looked at hypoallergenic formulas, but they still had soy and some cow milk, which wasn’t satisfying. When I found Kabrita and read how goat milk protein is easier for little ones to digest, I knew it was one I was going to try. I never had to supplement but I did have to switch to formula when I got pregnant with my second. Everett never hesitated to take the goat milk formula after being exclusively bottle-fed breastmilk. He really loved it and still drinks it a little past two years old!

Can you describe Everett's symptoms? How were his symptoms after you switched to Kabrita?

I needed something to replace breastmilk for Everett after I got pregnant with my second baby. He had cow milk sensitivity, so goat milk formula was the best option for him! I only had Everett on a cow milk-based formula for about a week, between weaning off of breastmilk and starting Kabrita, and he was miserable. He was constipated, and he never had that issue with breastmilk, even after starting solids. Once we started him on Kabrita he was regular and he didn’t seem distressed at all.

My second son, Asher, is having the same cow milk sensitivity issues, so I use it to supplement because my supply isn’t quite enough to keep up with him. He loves it and hasn’t had any issues!

Did the ‘European quality’ element influence your decision to try Kabrita?

The European quality element was a big plus and made me feel even better about my decision to choose this formula for my boys. From what I’ve read their standards for formula are pretty high.

How did Everett and Asher transition to Kabrita? What do you think of the flavor?

Both boys took to Kabrita well. My first one loves it so much that if I try to give him any other milk, he throws a fit. My second goes between Kabrita and breastmilk with no qualms. The flavor is very mild, and the smell is pleasant. To me, cow's milk formula doesn’t smell that great- going in or coming out.

What is your favorite thing about Kabrita Formula?

My favorite things about Kabrita are:

  • they’re a great company to deal with if you have any questions or concerns
  • my boys can eat it with no discomfort, and they love it
  • I have a peace of mind that I’m giving them something that’s good for them and I don’t feel guilty about weaning them off of breastmilk

Kabrita non-GMO Goat Milk Formula is designed to maintain the natural comfort of little ones during feeding transitions, such as weaning, supplementing or changing formulas due to skin or tummy troubles*.

*Not suitable for cow milk protein allergy