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How Making the Switch to Kabrita Helped Hayley with Jackson & Wilder’s Eczema

How Making the Switch to Kabrita Helped Hayley with Jackson & Wilder’s Eczema

Hayley's Story:

Every parent’s feeding experience is as unique as their baby. While the journey may be easy for some, others may struggle.

Real Parent Story is a series on our blog where we ask real parents to share their feeding stories. Whether you’re expecting or already have little one, we hope these stories can offer you insight into what worked (or didn’t work) for parents just like you.

Today, we are sharing Hayley's story using Kabrita for her prematurely born twin boys.

These little ones loved Kabrita from the first bottle, and mom loved the improvement she saw in eczema from the start. Our twin boys, Jackson and Wilder were born prematurely. Since I was unable to produce enough breast milk for both boys, I’ve supplemented my breastfeeding with formula since day one. Right from the start, Jackson developed bad eczema, all over his body. His little skin was so red and raw.

Our pediatrician thought that Jackson’s eczema might be the result of a dairy allergy so she encouraged me to cut out dairy from my own diet. That was really hard! Life is so busy (we also have a toddler at home) and I did not have the time to start completely changing my diet. Plus, I knew that I needed to eat an adequate amount of food to keep my energy and milk production up. We tried to make the switch to a hypoallergenic formula, but Jackson hated it! He would not drink any of them.

Since I didn’t feel comfortable with some of the ingredients in US formulas, I decided to use European formula with the boys. We made the decision to import a European cow milk formula for Wilder – and he really liked it.

After doing some online research on eczema, I read that goat milk formula may be a solution. I found another European goat milk formula (Holle) and decided to try it with Jackson. The good news: it helped his skin tremendously; the bad news: he would spit up a lot and it smelled really bad.

Recently, while traveling we didn’t adequately plan ahead and bring enough Holle along. And, my breast milk was drying up! We had heard about Kabrita through a friend and decided to give it a try.

Jackson gobbled it up right away! With Holle, he was somewhat hesitant, but with Kabrita, he drank it so fast! It was such a relief. And, with Kabrita, Jackson stopped spitting up completely. And, there’s no smell. With Holle the spit ups and clothes used to smell so bad (I remember I used to walk into the boys’ room in the morning and the room smelled stinky, like blue cheese!)

Since making the switch to Kabrita, Jackson’s eczema has gone away even more. With Holle, I would say there was about a 55% improvement but with Kabrita, it’s 85% or maybe even 90% better.

We’ve all fallen in in love with the formula – it’s truly been a godsend.

My doctor thinks that Kabrita is great and I have her full support, which is really important to me. In fact, we’ve switched Wilder onto Kabrita now too. They both just gobble it up! And, they are so happy.

This makes me happy, and makes our life easier.

Kabrita USA Real Parent Story Series is for information purposes only. It's not meant to treat, cure, or diagnose any health issues. Before making any feeding changes, it is recommended that you speak with your healthcare professional. Kabrita Goat Milk Toddler Formula is designed to maintain the natural comfort of little ones during feeding transitions, such as weaning, supplementing, or changing formulas due to minor issues associated with cow milk sensitivity*.

*Not suitable for cow milk protein allergy