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BIPOC Parenting Series: Charisma's Story

Charisma's Family - BIPOC Parenting Series

As a community-focused company, Kabrita USA strives to be inclusive and to continuously celebrate diversity. In honor of Black History Month, Kabrita USA is featuring a BIPOC Parenting Series, for the entire month of February. The BIPOC Parenting Series centres BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) parents’ experiences. Our goal is to enhance greater representation of BIPOC parents in the media, as well as to amplify BIPOC voices and stories.

Today, we are sharing Charisma’s story about the values, morals, and cultural traditions she wanted to instill in her children.

Charisma's Story:

Gosh I don’t know where to start. Becoming a parent has been probably the most one the most accomplishing moments of my life. Children push you in ways you never thought you could be pushed in. They teach you more than you think you teach them. I love how every day my children make me smile and laugh.

I am adopted by a Caucasian family and I married into black/African American family. Speaking from personal experience it was both eye opening and humbling when Gregory and I really sat down and talked about raising our children in a predominantly white town. What values, morals, cultural traditions did we want to instill within our children. One thing we both agreed on is courage and confidence. We want our children to have the confidence to be courageous in who they are. Accepting not only their skin color but their beautiful hearts and minds as well. We teach our children to see hearts first before skin color. Why? Because when you see with love you leave no room for hate.

We have a small community of like-minded families that we are able to gather ideas from and who we go to for support. That makes a world of difference! Having the right kind of support is imperative for your sanity! As a mom, I am constantly telling my older kiddos to find their people, that hold them accountable, are there when you need them and love them fiercely.

As my kids grow older one thing I don’t ever want to change in them is their love and compassion for others. They truly love unconditionally, without judgment. I wish the world could see others the way my kids see the world. Full of endless possibilities!

I want to end with this. As a parent you won’t get it all right. You won’t always be the mom or dad you want to be. But you will always be the parent they need you to be. Listen to your kids, understand them and help them understand others. We want to unfold our children not mold them. Keep it simple, and have fun!

Kabrita USA BIPOC Parenting Series shares genuine stories written by parents from the BIPOC community. Each story offers a different perspective from their personal parenting experience. To read more stories, please visit our Nourish Blog.