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Behind the Label: Lactose

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An inside look at this ingredient and why it’s important for children’s growth and development.

Lactose is essential

Lactose is a milk sugar naturally occurring in all milks (including breast milk), that provides fuel and energy to all cells in the body, and is critical for optimal growth and development. It may also contribute to the absorption of calcium, help regulate gut microbiota and support immune function.

Why is lactose the first ingredient in Kabrita Goat Milk Toddler Formula?

Lactose is the main carbohydrate source in breast milk, where it contributes 40-45% of total calories. We add the ingredient ‘lactose’ to Kabrita Goat Milk Formula to provide a valuable and ready source of carbohydrates for babies.

Lactose Intolerance and your little one

Lactose often gets a bad rap, and many people self-diagnose their children with lactose intolerance when they experience digestive discomfort after drinking cow milk. While lactose intolerance may be a common problem in older children and adults, it is uncommon before 2 or 3 years of age. It may be the protein in cow milk (not the milk sugar lactose) that is the culprit for little ones.

As Kabrita Goat Milk Toddler Formula contains lactose, it is not suitable for children with a diagnosed lactose intolerance. Kabrita Goat Milk Formula may be an option for little ones with minor issues associated with cow milk sensitivity*.

*not suitable for children with a confirmed cow milk protein allergy (CMPA).

Behind the label is an ongoing series looking at the ingredients we choose to include in Kabrita Goat Milk Foods, in order to help parents make nutritional decisions for their family with confidence and joy.

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