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A Step by Step Guide to Your Can of Kabrita

A Step by Step Guide to Your Can of Kabrita

If you have decided that Kabrita Goat Milk-based formula will be part of your little one’s feeding journey, welcome to the Kabrita family!

Kabrita is produced and manufactured in the Netherlands, following the highest European quality standards. Understanding how to safely prepare and store formula is important to ensure the health and wellbeing of your little one. But safety begins before you prepare your first formula bottle.

Here’s what you should know about the safety features of your can of Kabrita Goat Milk-based formula.

Environmentally Friendly Packaging

Kabrita cans are made with the environment in mind. Kabrita Goat Milk-based formula is packaged in 100% recyclable aluminum cans. Each can is made from 50% recycled materials and is BPA-free.

  • DO recycle your Kabrita can and shipping materials.
  • DON’T forget to recycle your Kabrita can and shipping materials.

Food Safety 101

Remember that formula is food for your little one so the same care needs to be taken purchasing formula, that you take when shopping for food for yourself.

You wouldn’t buy a dented can of food for yourself, would you? Dents can result in damage to seals and micro punctures that aren’t always easy to see with the eye, but allow formula to be exposed to air and bacteria that can make your little one sick.

  • DO inspect the outside of your formula can before purchase. This includes removing the plastic cap to ensure the protective foil is in place and undamaged.
  • DON’T buy a can that is visibly dirty, dented, punctured, leaking, has rust spots or puffy ends.

Put A Lid On It

A white plastic cap tops the can of your Kabrita Goat Milk-based formula can. During shipping, the plastic cap helps protect the foil that seals the can. The plastic cap fits snuggly over the mouth of the can and serves as a barrier between your formula and the environment.

Recapping your can of Kabrita formula prevents unwanted debris or bacteria from getting into your formula. It also protects your formula from light and excess exposure to air, both of which can affect the nutrients in your formula over time. According to the CDC, once formula is opened, store in a cool, dry place with the lid tightly closed. Do not store formula in the refrigerator because humidity can cause the powder to clump, which may over concentrate the formula.

  • DO make sure the white plastic cap is free from damage and fits snuggly on top of can.
  • DON’T purchase a can that is missing the plastic cap.

Don’t Be Foiled

Once you remove the white plastic cap from your can of Kabrita Goat Milk-based formula, you will find a shiny aluminum foil sealing the mouth of the can. The formula cans are sealed with foil during production to prevent spoilage or contamination during shipping. According to the CDC, open cans of formula (seal removed) should be used within 30 days. Be sure to write the date the can was opened on the lid as a reminder.

  • DO inspect the foil under the plastic cap before purchase to make sure it is free of dirt, punctures, tears or leaks.
  • DON’T buy or use a can that has a damaged or missing protective foil seal.

D Lid with Scoop Leveler

No more kitchen knives needed for leveling that scoop! The mouth of your Kabrita formula can is designed with a built-in scoop leveler (D shaped opening). The scoop leveler ensures an unpacked, level scoop every time, ensuring a correct mixing ratio at each feed with minimal waste.

  • DO use the convenient scoop leveler to ensure accurate mixing.
  • DON’T tap the scoop. This will cause formula to pack down in the scoop.

Check out this video below which shows our handy scoop leveler in action!

Scoop Size Matters

Always use the scoop included with your can of Kabrita formula. Scoops are not interchangeable between formula products or formula companies. Scoop size is determined based on the product and each scoop is designed to deliver the exact amount of formula needed to provide the nutrients per serving of formula as reported on the Nutrition Facts label.

  • DO contact Kabrita Customer Care to request a replacement if your scoop is missing or needs to be replaced for any reason.
  • DON’T swap scoops between formula products or formula companies.

A Step by Step Guide to Preparing a Bottle of Kabrita Goat Milk Formula -

Bottoms Up

Before using Kabrita formula, flip the can over to be sure your formula is in date. The use by date is the last date recommended to use formula. The FDA requires a use by date on all formulas to ensure the nutrient content and quality of the formula meet what is indicated on the formula label.

  • DO check the use by date to make sure formula is safe to feed your little one.
  • DO write the date you opened the can of formula on the lid as a reminder.
  • DON’T use formula that has past the use by date or opened formula beyond 30 days.

At Kabrita USA, we know that the decision to formula feed is a personal one. Kabrita formula is crafted with care from cap to bottom with the environment and your little one in mind!