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Gentle by nature

Kabrita Corn Nibbles

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7+ months15gMild flavourSack
The Kabrita Corn Nibbles are baked in the oven and have a tasty goat cheese layer. The nibbles are crispy and fluffy, making them a real treat for young and old. Kabrita Corn Nibbles offer a tasty addition to a varied menu for your little one.

Our Kabrita Corn Nibbles are:
  • gluten free
  • suitable for vegetarians
  • produced without added sugars

Number per package: 6 bags

  • Ordered today, delivered within 10 -14 working days
  • Free delivery in the Netherlands
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  2. Ingredients
  3. Preparation
  4. Nutrition table
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Important information

Kabrita Corn Nibbles are not suitable for children under 7 months. Make sure that the Kabrita Corn Nibbles are eaten under supervision and in an upright position.

Keep the Kabrita Corn Nibbles cool and dry. Close the packaging tightly or store them in an airtight container to keep them crispy after opening the packaging.

  • Based on Dutch goat milk
  • More than 75 years of experience
  • Worldwide No. 1 in goat milk formula


82% corn semolina *, 10% goat cheese powder (goat cheese, emulsifier E339), sunflower oil *, thiamine hydrochloride (vitamin B1).

* = of biological origin. 90% of the agricultural ingredients are organic.

The Kabrita Corn Nibbles are ready to use!
Nutrition table
Nutrition table
Average nutritional value
Per 100g Per Portie*1 Unit
energy 1860 279 kj
energy 444 67 kcal
fat 12 1.8 g
saturated fatty acids 4 0.6 g
carbohydrates 71 11 g
sugars*2 0.6 0.09 g
dietary fiber 1.8 0.27 g
protein 10 1.5 g
salt 0.58 0.09 g
vitamin B1 (thiamine) 1.1 0.17 mg

*1 portion = 15g

*2 Contains naturally occurring sugars.


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Anna S

My kid loves these cornsticks.

Adrienn Makai

Kabrita Corn Nibbles

Marina Pu

Kabrita Corn Nibbles

Katerina Churina

Perfect food and great service

Great product and fast delivery

We had previously been a Kabrita customer in the USA and were glad to find a way to purchase some of their products now that we are living in Finland. The order was easy and delivery came when expected. Much appreciated!

The Natural Goodness of Goat Milk-Based Formula

From grass to glass

With gos prebiotics

Mild and gentle taste

22 minerals and vitamins

Contains DHA and ARA

Contains B-Palmitate

Made in te Netherlands

Contains nucleotides

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