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The best formula ever

Thank you to Kabrita, my son has no more stomach problem.I live in sweden and could not find goat milk formula. But suddanly i found kabrita which is the best choice for my son. I order them online from Kabrita website. It is expensive, but my son can not tolerate any other formula. I have recommended to other parents.
Thank you so much

Not receive

Two weeks ago and I don't receive it.

Kabrita 2 Follow-on milk 800 gram

Dilshod Uzbekistan

very good product, but the price is very expensive. I think it would be better if we lower the price a little

My son absolutely loves Kabrita milk

We’ve been with Kabrita for 2 years now.
Morning&evening milk became a family ritual for us: we drink it, hug each other and read favorite books,
Thank You, Kabrita

Kabrita 2 Follow-on milk 800 gram

Kabrita 2 Follow-on milk 400 gram

Kabrita 2 Follow-on milk 800 gram

Kabrita 2 Follow-on milk 800 gram

smells like plastic

i thought this milk would be amazing but it is the opposite, i used to give my baby kendamil goat but was wondering about kabrita, bought 2cans but now i have to throw it away i baby has changed stool and had constipation..i know it is not your fault but since you re asking im answering..every baby is different and this milk just doesnt suit my baby..he s crying more than usual and is fussing looks like he has colics..and he never did with kendamil..i just really likes your brand and wantedbto try..

The best

It’s the best formula for our boys!

I was very pleased.

I was very pleased

Fast delivery to London and my boy’s favourite milk.

Kabrita 2 Follow-on milk 800 gram
Dorota Boross-Filipowicz
Great milk

I’ve been using Kabrita milk to complement breast milk for my boy. I used Kabrita 1 and then moved onto Kabrita 2. This is a very good quality milk and I’m also very satisfied with the service provided by Kabrita Europe.

Kabrita 3 Toddler Milk 400 gram
Virginie Grosboillot

I based my order on the price I used to pay in the supermarket. I was surprise that ordering directly online was twice as expensive as in the supermarket (half the dose for the same price).

Kabrita 2 Follow-on milk

Delivery to Cyprus was so quick!!! It’s our first formula. My son is 9 month old and he is still breastfed but we started to give him Kabrita once a day in the evening. And he just love it!!!

Great product and fast delivery

We had previously been a Kabrita customer in the USA and were glad to find a way to purchase some of their products now that we are living in Finland. The order was easy and delivery came when expected. Much appreciated!

The best!

I am very content.

Kabrita 3 Toddler Milk 800 gram

My friend’s baby favourite, even they move to Portugal, they still want you.

Alles super

Kabrita Cereal porridge Apple - Mango

Kabrita 1 Infant Formula 800 gram

Kabrita 3 Toddler Milk 800 gram

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