Picky eaters

Making sure your toddler is eating enough is a concern for every parent. It can be extremely frustrating if your little one is picky and refuses to eat certain foods. Rest assure that there are some things you can do to overcome this problem.

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Tips for difficult eaters

There are toddlers that eat and like everything. But there are also toddlers who refuse everything they don’t know and beforehand yell they don’t like it. Luckily most toddlers will outgrow these periods sooner or later. To help you cope with these issues we collected some tips that you can use to get started straight away!

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Nutritional needs growing up

A growing child has much greater nutritional needs than an adult. A poor diet can cause a deficiency in important nutrients that are necessary to support a normal growth and development. There are a number of important nutrients that a growing child will need every day.

After the toddler years, your little one´s eating routines will change. They will soon start with school which means there will be new influences about their eating. Whether it is the school lunch menu or the option and advice from friends, your little one will make new nutritional choices that could last a life time.

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Healthy treats & snacks

Healthy treats and snacks can be a valuable addition to your toddlers diet. They not only provide an energy boost between meals, but are also a good way to provide some additional vitamins and minerals. And most important, these healthy treats & snacks taste great.

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Varied toddler nutrition

Although toddlers are far more active, they actually require less calories to fulfill their needs. This means that the required nutrients will have to come from less food. A varied diet will help to ensure that your toddler gets all the nutrients needed.

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5 Tips to Help Your Child Consume More Water

Thick juice, lemonade, and juices: there are many drinks options for your toddler, however, the best, most healthy and finest thirstiness quencher is and remains to be water. Today we provide you with 5 tips on what ways your child will consume more water.

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