Superfoods to keep you healthy during your pregnancy

Pregnancy can make you nervous about what you ingest into your body. Some times, you will want to eat everything in your fridge, and at other times, you will feel nauseous just by thinking of certain foods. As a pregnant lady, you need to focus on taking the best foods since you are also providing nutrition to your baby. In other words, you need pregnancy superfoods.

It is challenging to eat healthy foods every single day, and this is even a bigger challenge for pregnant women. Some days, you may feel like taking a lot of sweets, and another day, you may lack interest in food entirely. Your goal should be to take healthy foods on most days. If you miss your healthy foods on one day, don’t kill yourself with guilt.

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Weight loss tips for moms

If after a year you still carry excess pounds with you or if you always wanted to lose a few pounds, than this can become a challenge. Your life will be busy enough, so spending 3 hours a day in the gym with a personal trainer is unrealistic for most of us. For these mothers we selected 5 simple tips that can help to finally lose these pounds.

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Pregnancy nutrition

Being pregnant is one of the most beautiful experiences in life, but it also brings great responsibilities. You are no longer alone as you need to take care of two. The diet and nutrients you take play an important part in your baby's growth and development.

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Pregnant: How is your baby developing?

It is a magical period in a woman's life: you're pregnant. A baby is growing in your belly. Your child. From the moment that you test positive, you probably can’t stop gathering information about being pregnant. So much is happening with your body. How is the baby developing in your womb? What should I expect and what is important? Kabrita created an overview of the main highlights in the development of your baby, to help you answer these questions.

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Sleep well during pregnancy

Your night sleep at the beginning of your pregnancy is usually good, but as your belly develops, some sleeping positions become a challenge. For this reason, you may have to adopt a sleeping position that feels comfortable. We understand that you are tired most of the time, and we aim to improve your sleep quality. Please read through the below tips on healthy sleeping positions.

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